Premium Safey® Solar Charger Station

Secure and charge your phone or tablet whilst getting a tan under the sun.

Charge your phone whilst getting a tan

Premium Safey, our Solar Power charger station brings a unique and innovative solution that taps into clean solar energy. Your guests will receive supreme service which will allow them not only to safeguard their mobile and tablet devices, but also charge and use them all day long without worrying that they will run out of battery.

Solar Powered Charger Station

The Premium Safey model includes a flexible plug and play solar panel that gets attached on top of the umbrella. Wiring will pass through the umbrella as well as through our safety box and charge directly any tablet or phone be it Android or Apple.

Advertising Opportunities

With the ability of being fully customized in regards to both colour and branding, sponsors like big telecommunication operators love to use Premium Safey as an advertising opportunity to create direct,measurable and powerful campaigns to target their end users.

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