Safit® Key Holder

Secure your keys whilst being active

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What is Safit?

Safit is a patentable, waterproof, custom designed key holder that allows you to safely store your keys whilst being active outdoors e.g swimming, jogging, mountain climbing, skiing and so on. A variation of key sizes can be easily inserted offering a stress-free experience, via its sleek and modern design. Safit is supplied with each Safey safety box, but is also packaged and sold as a stand-alone product. An ideal solution for the individual consumer or for a variety of organisations like gyms, swimming pools, hotels and other places with fixed lockers.

Who can use Safit ?

Safit can be worn by any type of body as it was primarily designed to be a one fit all wrist-band, providing extra security and grip. Please note that due to the high quality material used in its production it will naturally and securely fit the hand even if consumers are being activite outdoors.

Advertising Opportunities

Safit can be fully customized in any colour and with any branding message you like thus providing a unique advertising opportunity for you or your sponsor. Paired with Safey, Safit provides an ideal solution for a beach marketing campaign.

Advertising opportunities with Safit

Modern design makes Safit durable and easy to use for your clients, as well as eye-catching and impactful when it comes to advertising campaigns of potential sponsors.

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