About Think Big Group Ltd

Think Big Group Ltd is a company with activities ranging from advertising, import / export and retail. It was founded by two young entrepreneurs with a great vision in their minds. Its headquarters are based in Cyprus but its vision is to expand all over the world through its products and services.

The idea behind Safey was born many years ago since both entrepreneurs faced the same problem whilst going on vacation or to the beach on their lovely island called Cyprus.

With no solution as to where to store their personal belongings whilst swimming, partying or having fun under the warm weather, they engaged in this amazing journey to combine both advertising and safety at one of the places that needs it the most.

The result of their quest was Safey – A safety box that offers a unique way to secure your valuables whilst you Safey relax on the beach.

Think Big Group Ltd has one or more European and/or foreign patents pending on both Safey and Safit.

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