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Safey® – Premium Safety Box

Securing your guests valuables whilst creating a new business opportunity for yourself.


Award-winning product

This award was given by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of Easy Group) to Think Big Group for “Safey”, the company’s patented beach safety box.

Beach umbrella safety box for safe holidays

What is Safey?

Safey is a patentable, unique and innovative safety box that provides an ideal security solution for personal belongings of your guests who want to enjoy their time at hotels,water parks, pools, beach bars, public beaches and many more.

How Safey works

Safey is attached to an umbrella or other permanent fixture and is locked by a key, carried by your guests in our awesome, patent granted Safit® key holder whilst swimming or being active.

Customize Safey for your advertising requirements

Why is Safey important for your guests?

With Safey by their umbrella, your guests can leave their keys, wallets, phones, tablets and other valuables protected while swimming, exercising, partying or playing with their kids.

Safey Business Opportunities


Safey distributors have the ability to sell our safety box or engage in a rental revenue model where by they rent the box to various interested parties at a monthly fee per box. Potential interested parties include but are not limited to Hotels, Pools, Beach Clubs, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Government, Advertising Agencies and so on.


Safey helps to reduce tourists exposure to potential theft of expensive gadgets and other valuables whilst being on vacation. Therefore Safey acts as a unique selling point solution for hotels, beach clubs, beach cafes, public beaches and so on. Furthermore research shows that tourists (i.e. people at the beach) are willing to pay up to 3 Euro rental fee per Safey. Same as renting sun-beds and beach umbrellas, the box will pay for itself in no time.


Safey can act as a new below the line marketing and branding campaign for potential sponsors around the world, due to its ability to be customised to display full-colour photographs and high impact imagery. Not only do you have the choice of colours and ability to customise Safey and Safit to you required needs and wants, but our team will consult you on the various ways to go about targeting potential advertising sponsors.